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About Us

Ree-Danielles is an indigenous hotel founded in 2005; it is 100% privately owned.We are situated in the heart of Ogudu GRA, Ogudu, Lagos, Nigeria, far removed from the usual distracting and choking elements which are characteristic of metropolitan Lagos.

The structure housing the hotel rooms is a 3-storey architectural show-piecethat towers above every other structure in the neighbourhood.It shares a large expanse of land with Ree-Danielles Restaurant and Bar with which it enjoys a symbiotic relationship.  To complete this hospitality package, are a gym and fitness centre,a laundry equippedwith today’s technology; and a thriving “nite” club that remains the envy of its kind in Ogudu and its environs.

The feeling of security engendered by our proximity to a police station and an area command can best be imagined than described.  Indeed, our being surrounded by banks and bureaux de change indexes that our clients’ comfort was seen as a prime factor in determining the hotels situation. 

Room Type Weekday 
Standard Rooms 8,500.00
De luxe Rooms 11,500.00
Executive Rooms 13,000.00
Business Suite 16,500.00